Declan's suspicions of Charity are even further raised tonight and an increasingly desperate Charity pleads with Chas once more to pretend it was her that had the abortion. Clutching at straws there though as Chas rightfully tells her (again) absolutely not. Declan then wants to take Charity to the clinic so she can prove she wasn't there before... has to be game over for her now, right? Right?? Elsewhere, Laurel's dad Doug arrives for the most depressing wedding of the year that is her's and Marlon's. He worries it's not a good time for the pair to be getting married.. at least somebody is seeing sense. On a much lighter note, Jimmy rocks up to see Nicola in a pair of skinny jeans tonight. He certainly knows how to play her at her own game as Nicola wonders just what she has started. Good man Jimmy.