In a case of things getting much worse before they get better, Laurel finds herself making a move on her ex Ashley tonight. It all comes about when Marlon almost misses the wedding rehearsal, with it looking like Ashley may have to step in, 'cos that's not weird or anything. Later on, both Marlon and Laurel are clearly suffering from - well, cold feet doesn't really cut it - Arctic, almost frost bitten feet maybe? They are at their respective hen and stag when Laurel leaves upset, Ashley follows, and well, you can guess the rest. Elsewhere, Charity is still knee-deep in it, and decides she has to come clean to Debbie before Declan gets to her. She tells her daughter the full story, and then leaves her reeling when she says she has told Declan it was Debbie who had the abortion. My GOD, how much lower will this woman sink?