Things are getting a bit 'Fight Club' in Emmerdale these days, as Ross has decided that bare-knuckle fighting is a grand way to earn a bit of cash. Tonight is his first big fight, and Debbie is determined to try and stop him, although it looks like there's more than a black eye riding on it as Debbie sees an exchange between Ross and Charlie, while her and Cain also discover Zak has pawned all of Lisa's jewellry to bet on Ross winning. No pressure then, Ross. Meanwhile, it's time for Betty's "Going Away" party and the pub is decked out especially for her, but everybody is worried as she has gone AWOL. Eventually, Laurel finds Betty and the pair have a bit of a heart to heart, while later, everyone heads outside the pub as Betty returns to say her goodbyes. In true Betty style, she bids her farewells to the village in an enormous limousine. Aww, we'll miss you, Betty!