In case you're wondering who that is mushed up against Cain, that's Chrissy. Sure why wouldn't they be getting it on; it's Emmerdale where the population consists of approximately 25 people - there aren't a lot of options. Cain's anger soon turns to passion (yep, that's passion right there) after he runs into Chrissie, who - as luck would have it - is equally angry. She's spoiling for a fight after realising Robert has been lying to her about the phone, so when she bumps into the perma-disgruntled Dingle (who is also in a foul mood following Joanie's arrival in the village with his son Kyle) the sparks really start to fly. Ashley suffers another seizure, Dan discovers Kerry cheated on her assignment, and Emma spots an opportunity to make James jealous. Because that storyline just keeps on giving.