Emma raises her concerns about April's bruises to James and Ross, claiming that Carly could be responsible. Soon afterwards, Marlon is worried when Ross tells him there's a chance that Carly has hurt April... ah here, no she didn't! However, Marlon is taken aback by how Carly reacts when he asks her...

Later, Bob sees the bruises on April's arms and asks her if someone has been hitting her. She insists that she fell over and that it has nothing to do with Carly. In the end, Emma isn't happy that Marlon is not taking the matter any further and decides to ring social services herself.

Meanwhile, Jimmy learns that the wedding is causing Rakesh financial difficulties, which he is hiding from Priya. He advises Rakesh that he should tell Priya the truth, but sure that would be far too obvious an idea, wouldn't it?

Also today, Megan tells Jai that he can be involved in the baby's life... on the condition he stays away from Leyla.