Paddy is worried about Rhona talking to Pierce but she assures him that she only wants to convince him to let his suspicions go. However, that soon changes when Pierce shows her Tess's second phone and Rhona is cut up to see all the messages from Tess's 'mystery man', and ends up blurting out that it was Paddy who Tess was having an affair with.

Naturally enough, Pierce doesn't take this lightly, and arrives into the pub later for the punch up you can see in the picture above.

Meanwhile, Nicola thinks she's got one over on Charity as she hands her a copy of the fake accounts, but Charity isn't so easily fooled. Also tonight, Cain has worked out that Ross and Charity are doing some dodgy deals together and confronts her on it.

Elsewhere, Lisa insists to Zak that she deserves a new life too and sets to work on painting the house. G'wan the Lisa.