They're not looking too perturbed given her uterus is mid-emergency. Although they don't look like much perturbs them... Identical twin brothers, Conner and Cody Bambrough, are 21-weeks-old and battling each other for survival in the womb. They have a rare and perilous condition that threatens both their lives before they are even born. The only chance of survival is a difficult and dangerous operation inside the womb itself, where success is far from guaranteed. With exclusive access to pioneering foetal surgeon, Professor Kypros Nicolaides, and his team at London King's College Hospital, this Cutting Edge film follows the life and death stories of critically ill babies undergoing radical surgery while still in their mother. Less pressing medical procedures can be surveyed in Extreme Male Beauty at 10.00pm. This week, Tim Shaw investigates the latest abdominal liposculpture procedure that promises instant results, and tests out the gadgets that offer a less invasive way of getting a washboard stomach.