The Embarrassing Bodies doctors continue to track down the people least likely to consult a doctor: teenage boys. They take their clinic to surfer's paradise Newquay, a magnet for testosterone-fuelled lads whose usual response to a health problem is to ignore it and hope it goes away. Dr Jessen finds out why boys are so stinky, exposing their worst habits and grottiest crevices, while Dr McKenna reveals how binge drinking is putting their livers and lives in jeopardy. The doctors also meet Thomas (17), whose problem testicles mean he has to face up to possible infertility, Jonathan (16), whose life is spiralling out of control after being diagnosed with diabetes, and Nathan (16), whose chronic acne has him hiding from girls. The doctors confront boys with their worst nether region nightmares and show them how to check their tackle. The series concludes tomorrow.