See? It's not all glitz and giggles of a Friday night, thanks to Channel 4. Doctors Christian, Pixie and Dawn catch up with some of the most memorable cases from the award-winning series. From new nipples to bent penises, the Doctors give updates on ongoing treatments, as their patients return to the clinic for their final check-up. In the opening show, Adrian returns. His huge piles were memorably treated last year - is he now sitting comfortably or are things still sore below? Janice, a mastectomy patient who came to see Dr Christian about a new nipple, finally completes the tattoo treatment to give her the result she's dreamed of since losing her breast to cancer. Plus the doctors attend to a case of mortifying flatulence; a young man with the shakes; and two children from the Kids specials who have recovered from their embarrassing leaks and dribbles.