Doctors Christian Jessen and Pixie McKenna continue to uncover the nation's toe-curling conditions, alongside A&E medic Dr Priya Manickavasagar and leading cosmetic dentist Dr James Russell. Tonight's episode features a woman in her 30s whose life and skin have been ruined by acne: can her face and fortunes be restored by the latest technology? Meanwhile dentist Dr James has to remove the front teeth of a young Scottish man who's been reaching for the fizzy drinks late at night rather than his toothbrush. And there's a student with a hairy problem he needs to get to the bottom of... From the slap and tickle depiction of Embarrassing Bodies to the truly stark Living Without Skin, which can be seen on TV3 at 9.00pm. A brother and sister from Detroit who suffer from the extremely rare genetic condition epidermolysis bullosa, which causes their skin to blister and fall off. Aged 16 and 18, they seem able to overcome the constant pain of the incurable disease and get on with normal life.