From the ecstasy of poetry, to the agony of a red raw scrotum - you're spoiled for choice with diverse viewing tonight. This edition of Embarrassing Bodies The team tackles issues commonly associated with men, including erectile dysfunction and our well-known friend at this stage - gynaecomastia (if you've not tuned into Channel 4 for the last two years; gynaecomastia is the technical term for 'moobs'). One man musters the courage to visit the clinic to admit he hasn't had an erection in years. Dr Christian gives him the lowdown on how the problem can be solved with a little prescribed help as well as a "change of lifestyle". Meanwhile, Dr Priya sees a woman with unexplained pain between her legs, especially during bedroom frolics. Priya explains this is another condition little discussed but is actually as common as hay fever. And the mobile clinic goes to Newcastle, where patients with sweaty armpits, the aforementioned red scrotum, and stretch marks, are all queuing up to seek help. Not to be viewed during dinner consumption.