Channel 4 still think we want to look at things that make us go 'eew' as we unwind after a week's work. In this new series, the medics return to help treat and diagnose more people's intimate problems at home and abroad, travelling to Fuengirola on Spain's Costa del Sol in the first episode. In the mobile clinic, Dr Dawn meets a man with a protrusion he has kept hidden for 10 years, while Dr Christian and Dr Pixie visit the bars and clubs to find tourists who have received new rapid chlamydia tests. Back in the UK, Back in the UK Dr Pixie sees a young woman with two wombs who wants advice on carrying a baby, and a 20-year-old with inflamed tonsils that she has to clean with a cotton bud. Dr Dawn helps a woman who's been sitting on her embarrassing rectal prolapse for a decade, and Dr Christian tackles a worrying case of warts. A new series of The Million Pound Drop Live is on afterwards at 10.00pm. They should just have this on all the time; what are their overheads considering nobody ever wins any money?