This time in the clinic Dr Pixie meets Michelle, who is traumatised by making trips to the toilet. Twenty-six-year-old Amir gets a shocking diagnosis from Dr Christian when he comes into the clinic with lactating nipples. Postman Brian shows Dr Dawn the extreme gout that's been causing unsightly stone-like lumps on his hands, elbows and ankles for the last 25 years. Twenty-year-old Joseph comes into the clinic with two lumps on the shaft of his penis that will have to be surgically removed, and mum-of-two Zoe enlists the help of resident dentist Dr James to help her conceal the after effects of intensive chemotherapy. The mobile clinic sets up in Bristol, where the doctors meet 37-year-old Jo, who has sweaty hair, and 29-year-old Aaron, who's got a rash on his penis. Dr Dawn expels the myths of cervical smears and Dr Pixie tests foods in a smelly breath experiment. And 19-year-old Mohammed, tells how after losing his sight four years ago, he manages to travel the world with the Blind English Cricket Team.