'Designer' bags and hair extensions at the ready, this major series has unprecedented access to a UK secondary school to follow a group of GCSE students, and the staff who teach them, as they face the most important year in their education. Passmores School in Harlow, Essex, is a successful school in a challenging area. Now the school has been rigged with 65 fixed cameras - from the corridors to the canteen, and from the headteacher's office to the detention hall - to reveal every detail of daily life. As school leavers face one of the most uncertain futures in decades, the pressure to succeed is greater than ever. And today's teachers face new challenges, from ever-present mobile phones to the fallouts from social media and cyber-harassment. But while technology may have changed, the teenagers grapple with universal issues: fitting in, falling in and out of love and learning to become adults - with well dodgy fake tans.