Final episode of Eden tonight after a nightly instalment all week from this weird Lord of the Flies experiment of Channel 4's. It saw 23 men and women go live in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands for 12 months back in 2016 in an experiment that was supposed to be watched by all of us for the year but the show was ditched after just four episodes, unbeknownst to the folk taking part. Fast forward to a year later and only ten remained. Don't worry, the rest of them didn't die or owt, but if you have been watching the highlights from their time there all week you will know that there was a shed load of drama and divides in the group.

In tonight's final episode, the remaining group come together at last to celebrate Christmas Day, but Katie spends the majority of the day alone, still seething at the 'Valley Boys'. In the final days, the two groups' desire to mark their year-long achievement brings them together for one last hurrah, as they gather for a series of bonfires on the dunes before splitting for their last night. No doubt they will be delighted to get back to the real world, although they will be returning to a Trump-filled Brexit one, so they may want to pack their bags and return.