Cheap food, you say? Bring it on. Top chefs Allegra McEvedy and Paul Merrett have devised this handy system to slash our food bills and eat better than we've ever done before. Said system aims to show every household (we're hoping not just in Britain) how to save time and money and still create amazing, flavour-packed meals on a budget. Chris and Julia England have three children - nine-year-old Billy and twins coming up to the terrible twos. Julia is a classroom assistant who has just learned that her contract will not be renewed, and Chris is a lorry driver who works shifts. They're currently spending fortunes at their local takeaways, which they have on speed dial (for the children, you know), and they've never been to a butcher's or fishmonger's for fresh produce. They really want to eat better for less - as a family - but "don't know how to". Frightening. Will the family stick to the plan, reduce their food bills, and successfully cook every meal for a week from scratch? Somewhere, Jamie Oliver is rolling his eyes. And possibly spittling over a notepad.