Last month on EastEnders we saw some very emotional and highly praised scenes when new character Johnny Carter came out to his dad Mick (Danny Dyer). Actor Sam Strike, who plays Johnny, has spoken out for the first time about his character's storyline.

The actor spoke about the scenes on an EastEnders behind-the-scenes video yesterday, he said; "With that scene where Johnny comes out to Mick, I was really nervous the night it aired, because you want it to look convincing but then you want to do justice by the people that have been there and done it. It was a real proving ground for me, because it was the first time I actually had to do any proper drama acting."

He went on to talk about how he found working with Danny Dyer and said: He's lovely. I had a heavy scene with him right at the beginning, and we were both on the same level and really comfortable with each other. He's just a really lovely guy."

We always thought that about Danny - good to know it's agreed that he is a top notch geezer!

You can hear more in the interview below: