This 'Max taking down the square' storyline is going nowhere, and we're intrigued to see just who is actually involved.

Is Fi Browning really just there to assess the Vic? Judging by her assurances that she is nice and innocent, we’re going to say that’s a no. What about cheeky Woody? Is he secretly plotting against the Carters as well? While he seems to come up with a new way to 'get the punters in' every day, he also seems very keen on keeping Mick out of things.

Max himself is remaining very mysterious as his vague property job title tells us nothing. Apart from getting Shirley to sign the Vic away, he's mostly been busy just skulking around the square and smirking. But as he (understandably) still holds a grudge for almost being locked away forever for Lucy's murder, he looks set on taking down Walford and everyone in it. This is the ultimate slow-burner and the fallout is going to be huge.

Story via metro