It's widely been reported that Lucy Beale is set to be murdered on the soap soon, and it's set to be the biggest 'Whodunnit' since that famous 'Who Shot Phil Mitchell?' storyline. Actually, there was also a 'who killed Archie Mitchell' story line a few years ago too, they certainly love the aul murder mysteries on Albert Square, don't they?

Lucy Beale will be murdered on the soap on Friday April 18th, but how or why we won't know. At the moment, it feels like everybody could be a suspect, there's Max who she's having a secret affair with - although don't think he has it in him, does he? Perhaps new character Lee Carter will be a suspect? This next week or so is set to throw a whole load more into the mix too.

Actress Hetti Bywater, who plays Lucy, has said she doesn't even know herself how her exit storyline will revealed. She told Radio Times; "I thought I was 100 per cent sure and that I had it sussed out in my head. But after talking to everyone else on the cast I'm not sure anymore. Everyone's having little bets and coming up with their own theories."

The hardest thing for Bywater she said, was keeping the storyline secret for as long as she did; "It was so difficult! I'd known for about five months before it came out"

"It felt like as soon as I knew suddenly everyone was coming up to me and asking me what my storylines were and where our characters would be in a couple of years' time. I had to make up things in my head!"

Bywater added: "It was hard. The hardest person to keep it from was Jacqueline (Lauren Branning) as we always talk about what we're going to do in the future."

Aw, nice to know those frenemies get on so well in real life anyways. Although, we'll miss Lucy and her scheming ways - really thought she would go on to be the next Janine Butcher, the Soap Gods have other plans clearly!