Looks like Ronnie's troubles are just beginning on EastEnders in the coming weeks, as Carl White's family become more and more suspicious over his disappearance. The Mitchell's do all that they can to cover up the murder, but Carl's crowd are not easily deterred, and start to get closer and closer to the truth.

It all kicks off when Carl's mother Nora starts calling her son's phone, which the Mitchell's still have. After a number of no answers, she decides to go to Alberts Square herself. She plans on meeting with his ex girlfriend Roxy, but once Ronnie gets wind of this, she decides she will pretend to be her sister instead.

She tells Nora that Carl just upped and left, with no explanation, and is relieved when it seems like Nora believes her. However, she doesn't, as she knows that Ronnie is not in fact Roxy. She rallies the rest of the troops including Carl's intimidating brother Adam, who tries to scare Ronnie at the gym.

It all comes to a dramatic head when Adam decides to snatch Lexi while Ronnie is watching her, putting a sinister plan into action that they feel will force the truth out of the Mitchell's. An EastEnders source told Digital Spy: "Carl's family know that they need some leverage to get the truth out of Ronnie and the Mitchells, so the pressure on the family is going to be bigger than ever."