Bradley's sitting in the living room at Dot's wondering what to do with Max's £40,000 cheque (caaaaaaash it). He nearly rips it in half but can't bring himself to do it, while Stacey reassures him that if they cash it, they'll be indebted to Max for the rest of their lives. Later, Max tells Bradley that the money is his - he's been saving for him since the day he was born, but Bradley's not willing to reason. Then Bianca sticks her beak in. Meanwhile, Billy's desperation leads him to accept a offer from Jase (which will render him wifeless and childless in the not too distant future - fun times!). Bianca is snubbed by the kids (they're blaming her for Wellard's death by chocolate), but Whitney has an idea that will put her back in their good books - another hapless hound.