Ugh. Is this "who dunnit?!" business really going to go on 'til Christmas? We all know Tanya didn't do it now that she's confessed, which means it was probably Jack. That or it was Abi's gerbil Gilbert, intent on revenge after being recently discarded (remember? Max told Abi to grow up so she sold him). Or, it's the obvious choice... Stacey Slater. As the Square raises money for Children in Need, Shirley wows the locals in the Vic's cake competition. Zainab urges Masood to reconsider their business venture and not put Tamwar's university career at risk (Masood, do us all a favour and have an affair with the bad actress in the hardhat). Jane teases Christian about the identity of her surprise visitor and Archie tries to convince Roxy to move on after Sean's disappearance.