With Jean having returned to Walford, Stacey begins to feel the strain of looking out for both her mum and Danielle. Catching the latter alone, Jean expresses her concern that she feels like she's not acting like a good mother to Stacey and so hands Danielle some money to take Stacey out for a drink. The girls' night out ends with Danielle threatening to "rip" Stacey's head off. Alcohol, the cause of and solution to most of life's problems. Ronnie is suspicious of Roxy after discovering she has run up a large tab at the club, unaware her sister has been using Jack's credit card. Elsewhere, Billy apologises to Jay for letting him down in the past (not to worry Billy, Jay's your poltergeist), while Jane and Masood share a meal and realise they are developing a... connection. Honestly, everyone over the age of consent should just stand around the Square in a circle and be done with it.