Peggy's fuming by Archie's decision to buy the Car Lot, while Janine looks at the new 'Mitchell's Cars' sign. Archie suggests that he may have a job for her, but she expresses her disinterest. Meanwhile, Ronnie goes to see Joel at his office and learns that Archie gave him a wad of cash to stay away. As they discuss the past, Ronnie's surprised to learn that Joel did try to make contact with her after Archie forced him out of her life when they were teenagers. Joel admits that he's married, but is surprised that she already knows. We're not… Elsewhere, Bianca orders Ricky to arrange another date for her and Dr Jenkins (nargh, just get it together already), Dot learns Jim is coming home and Syed accepts Christian's invitation to spend time together (nargh, just get it together already: part II).