Standing in front of Syed at the Masala Queen unit, Amira demands that her boyfriend be honest, before asking Christian to leave. Thinking that Amira knows the truth about him and Chrsitian, Syed starts to apologise until Amira reveals that she's talking about the fact Syed embezzled a load of money from her family. And, to cap it all off, Syed's getting a gaggle of mystery text messages off someone mysterious (not Ian). A reluctant Denise extends (yet) an(other) olive branch to Owen after Libby explains, like she always does, that he's trying to quit drinking and change for the better. Ricky tries to cook Sam a romantic meal, Jane tells Ian she is determined to go ahead with her plans to adopt - even though Ian's quite sure he can't afford another child, all the while we're hoping our minds won't be met with the visions of Darren doing Heather.