Hour-long edition. We all know that's code for 'someone dies'. The Mitchells have all taken shelter in different houses around the Square on Christmas Day, and as a smug Archie gets used to the idea of being the Vic's landlord, Janine - his fiancee - becomes the newest addition to his long list of enemies. In a dramatic end to the day, he then finds himself on the floor of the Vic, about to meet a grisly end, and there are plenty of suspects - Peggy, Phil, Ronnie and Roxy, as well as his fiancee and Jack. Elsewhere, Bianca asks Ricky to marry her after the Jacksons enjoy an unusual festive dinner, a lonely Max decides to call Tanya - and also finds time to clarify the family situation to a confused and melancholic Abi, while Stacey causes more concern for Bradley and Jean.