Dot is (still) furious with Cora over her betrayal (she didn't bother paying the rent while Dot was away) and wastes no time in making her views known, much like she has done all week (with the aid of a sherry or two) - but with her debts mounting, will she be able to find a way out of her financial mess?! Lola is shocked when Phil announces he is taking Lexi away for two weeks to meet Peggy, so the young mum is determined to fight him all the way. Ian becomes involved in the fall-out between the Fox sisters, telling Kim a few home truths about Ray, and Zainab gleefully announces she has an interview for the regional manager's job at the Minute Mart - but her happiness doesn't last long when she hears Denise has one too. Hey, at least it isn't two women scrapping over the same man for a change.