So it seems everyone is having a party in their gaff tonight on Albert Square. Firstly, we got the boyos, who decide to have a poker night in Masood's, as Alfie is trying to raise funds for a flight to Oz. (Don't worry he's only going for a month to make some extra cash). Things go down a wayward path for Masood though, when he decides to dip into Tamwar's university fund to play. Fatboy is not impressed, and tells him as much. Elsewhere, the girls are all in The Vic, where Linda is having a small girly shindig. Poor Bianca is in bits over her mum however, and almost lets it slip that she has cancer. She doesn't though, and instead reveals another Square secret. Very mysterious. The young ones are also telling secrets, as Lauren tells Whitney and Johnny she is seeing an older fella. Now then, wonder which party will end up braiding each others hair and having a sleepover?