Lady Di gets her very own 'chastity belt' tonight, in the form of polka dot underpants that Linda makes her wear so she doesn't get pregnant. To be clear, Lady Di is the dog, just in case you think EastEnders has taken a weird turn, although this is not without its weirdness. Moving swiftly on from the dog's underpants - Shirley is still getting her head around what her dad said to her, and decides she wants her name above the door of The Vic, considering she was the one who asked for the cash. Cheeky request but who'd want to argue with Shirley? Well, besides Linda, but she's focused on the dog, as we said. Elsewhere Fatboy realises that Masood did actually take Tamwar's university fund, but when Tawwar seems Fatboy at the jar, he gets the wrong idea. Also, evil Nick calls looking for Dot, like a bad penny that fella is.