Kat's feeling down and out that her plan to find Stacey has failed, and ends up coming clean to a suspicious Alfie about how she was looking for her. However, the conversation is interrupted by the one and only Stacey - hurrah! She is finally here, took long enough. She isn't the only blast from the past that rocks up tonight though, as Jane comes to visit the Beale household again. She picks up on some of the tension between Denise and Ian, and when Denise eventually comes clean to her about kissing someone, Jane has some good advice for her - but will she take it? Elsewhere, there is a pregnancy announcement on the Square tonight! Yep , Lady Di is expecting. Lady Di being the Carter's dog in case you'd forgotten. Linda will not be happy about this, considering it's the result of a one night stand with a tramp - seems Lady Di is very popular around the Square!