We had a good old break from Mitchell drama in fairness there for a while, but it's all back with a bang now as those Mitchell sisters rock back up again. Never a moments peace with those two around. Ronnie drops the bombshell that she has bought the gym and is staying in Walford, which Sharon is not best pleased about at all. The pair argue it out, until Sharon drops a bombshell of her own (bombshells everywhere!) saying that she knows Ronnie killed Carl and will phone the police if she doesn't leave. Feels like every second one of them are on the run for murdering someone at this stage. Also tonight, Carol must find out if she has the cancer gene or not, while Kat tries to make amends with Alfie on his birthday. Although, looks like he is keeping something from her too. These two - honestly - we love them but, there's always something, isn't there?