It's Sharon versus Ronnie tonight on Albert Square, as Ronnie makes it clear she couldn't give two fiddles about Sharon's threats. Phil is caught in the middle between the two, but Sharon decides she won't be having any of it - packs hers and Dennis' bags, and takes herself off to Ian's. She tells Ian the whole story, who of course advises her to go the police on the Mitchells, will she do it though? Ian has troubles of his own tonight, as he puts two and two together when he comes home to see Liam and Cindy hanging out. He delivers yet another woe to the butcher's door when he announces to them that Liam has gotten Cindy pregnant. Carol and David then return home to deliver their bad news, although looks like it will have to wait now with all this preggars business. Never a dull moment in that Butcher's house - there'll be no chicken nuggets for tea tonight anyways.