Another episode of EastEnders, another Carter showing up out of the blue. This time it's Shirley's son Dean, who we got a quick glance of at the end of Friday's episode. In fairness, Dean was on the Square for many a year before the rest of the gang showed up, but he's back now, and no doubt to cause trouble. He rocks up at Stan's door looking to be hidden, didn't Lee do that too? Don't they know how grumpy and mean their grandad is? Elsewhere, it's family photo time for the Beales at the restaurant, although not everyone is keen to take part. However after some words from Max, Lucy rallies the troops, but will Denise stand beside Jane in the pic? That would be awkward surely. Also tonight, Ronnie tries to make amends with Roxy - again - those pair just love a barney don't they?