Fat Boy is jealous of Dot's growing relationship with Charlie, so Mick advises him to get to know his landlady's grandson better - although he is left more upset than ever when Dot reveals her plans to leave the Square. It's OK, Fats, Charlie's going to have his whole family move in until we find out exactly what he asked that undertaker to do. Nikki bids goodbye to her family and heads back to work, only to be left devastated when her bosses ground her. Seeking a shoulder to cry on, she finds it in the shape of David (who’s still freaked over Carol’s new hair) - but they’re being watched, mainly by Liam. Peter fails to appreciate the dinner Lola has made for him (well, it is a day old and it looks like she added way too much salt), so she takes surprising action. As for Lauren finding out that 'John' is Jake, well, you can expect that to be suitably lip quivering.