Jordan runs into his old friends Abi and Ben in the café and is surprised to find out they are in a relationship. Yep, us too Jordan. Things quickly get awkward as a result. Later, Ben prepares dinner for Abi as he gets ready to break things off between them (because of Paul, not because of what Jordan said), but his plans are scuppered when Abi finds a present that Ben has hidden and assumes it's for her. Quickly realising it's for Paul, she runs out devastated, and returns later with some news of her own for Ben..

Meanwhile, Denise is left wondering if she has made the right decision about Jordan now she is faced with the reality of the situation.

Also today, romance is blossoming for Jay and Linzi after she agrees to go on a date with him. He decides to surprise her with a pre-Valentine's date, but after failing to book a table he transforms the Arches.

N'aww. We always knew that Jay was a romantic heart.