Not content with giving the unfortunate residents of Albert Square shoddy Christmases and Halloweens, the soap has now set upon Mother's Day as a day of torment for some of the cast, as it looks like someone will meet their maker on EastEnders this week. The drama focuses in on the Hubbard family mostly, as Claudette tries to deal with Gavin... and as you can see from the image above, she certainly does. Will it be Claudette with the candelabra in the kitchen though, or who will it be that kicks the bucket this week?

Elsewhere, Jordan receives a suspicious phone call and quickly puts a plan into action. When he returns home, he is confronted by Libby, and soon afterwards, he comes clean to Denise and tells her about his plan - Lucas is escaping from prison and they're going to meet him and go abroad. Well that just sounds like a terrible idea.

Meanwhile, the tension between siblings Lee and Nancy escalates at The Vic as an argument spirals out of control.

Honestly, all this drama - on Mother's Day - is nothing sacred in soapland?