It's a dramatic night for the Carters as they realise that Ollie isn't breathing. Linda manages to revive him, but the situation takes another serious turn when he suffers a seizure. Once they're at the hospital, the Carters are asked about Ollie's health over the last few days and they start to wonder if his recent fall could have something to do with it.

Later, the family's worst fears are confirmed when a CT scan reveals that Ollie is suffering from bleeding in the brain, which is likely to have been caused by a severe blow to the head. Mick is quick to blame Nancy and Lee, but Linda reminds him that she's the one who said Ollie was fine.

Those Carters wha'? Do they ever have a quiet week?

Meanwhile, Phil falls quickly back into his old ways and even denies telling Ronnie that he needs help and doesn't want to die. Ronnie remains persistent by giving him a support group leaflet for alcoholics. With so much going on, the creepy 'RIP Ronnie Mitchell' wreath goes unnoticed…