The BBC love Dragons' Den nearly as much as The Apprentice, hence it's getting its very own spin-off show. This is the first of five programmes focusing on each of the current dragons, and we're on an access-all-areas journey into the life of Theo Paphitis. We hear what Mrs P and the children, whose inheritance he keeps spending, think of him and get a quick peek into the luxurious lifestyle of a multi-millionaire businessman. While Theo rebuffs the notion that he is the classic rags to riches story, we gain a valuable insight into how his upbringing influenced his business career, get some tips on what it takes to be a future dragon and find out what his rival dragon investors really think of him. We also discover how some of his most memorable Den investments are getting on, including iTeddy and Ben the Bin, as well as hear from one entrepreneur who accepted an offer from Theo inside the Den, but in the end chose to walk away from the deal.