With the credit crisis still dominating the headlines and profit-warning announcements from some of the very biggest corporate names, entrepreneurs are finding it hard to attract the financial backing they need. However the Den is still very much open for business but only for the very best ideas. Attempting to prove they've got the recipe for success are chef Niall Harbison and his partner Sean Fee, who think their facebook for foodies website will prove a tasty proposition to the Dragons. Also, will the multi-millionaires see the magic in Neil and Laura Westwood's Magic Whiteboard - a statically charged plastic sheet which they think will eradicate the traditional flipchart? Andrew Cunningham pitches his colourfully decorated builder's hard-hats (bound to be popular amongst builders everywhere...) and the Dragons get a master class in salon skills from Frank Bisson, who has so far sunk £800,000 into his innovative glass-bladed gadget for eliminating split ends and speeding up the haircutting process.