In the penultimate episode of the present series, the multi-millionaires are again primed to invest their own cash in the entrepreneurs that dare to pitch before them. This week, will Rachel Watkyn and DJ Christian Richardson (aka Robin Banks) and their recycled jewellery boxes find success by bringing a bit of eco-friendliness into the den? Tiny Deol from Leicester tries to give the Dragons a taste of success by presenting her range of fat free curry sauces, and Martin Wadsworth keeps up the heat with his Thermaskirt, an ingenious radiator made to fit and look like a traditional skirting board (in case you thought it was an actual heated skirt for those chilly winter mornings). Attempting a cooler route to investment are Paul Sonabend and John Pepperell with their pre-scooped ice cream (WHY?). But the Dragons could ultimately prefer online recruitment company,, or granny Elizabeth Pimm who, when caught short whilst out on a stroll with her grandson, couldn't believe you couldn't buy a single nappy changing set, and so invented the BabyGo.