Another set of hopeful entrepreneurs pitch to the multi-millionaire investors, including northern Irish mum Jacqueline McKay. She thinks she has the stress-busting accessory for travelling parents everywhere - a suitcase that turns into a cot. Businessman Stephen Maher has a shattering pitch that he hopes will grab the Dragons' attention and an investment in his emergency escape invention. Plus, Ralf Klinnert thinks his musical cones have money making potential, and the world's smallest car is in the Den. Following at 10.00pm is the second instalment of Simon Amstell's Grandma's House. Tonight, he brings his mother an extravagant gift that she refuses to accept, and he also tries to convince her that marrying Clive is a bad idea. Grandpa has news from the doctor about his cancer scare, and nobody seems to care that it is Liz's birthday.