Tonight, Dr Alice Roberts gets a short insight into what it is like to be one of the 9 million people in the UK who have suffered a hearing loss, by trying to order a drink down the pub while wearing some specially designed headphones. And she discovers how loud noise can cause irretrievable damage to our ears; how loud is too loud for your MP3 player for instance? *points accusingly* Also in tonight's show, using her skills as an anatomist, Dr Alice also explains some of the roles of the nose and the throat and find out why for some snoring can be a sign of a life threatening condition. If you wish to subject yourself to further laboratory themed viewing; the last in the unfortunate series pf Lab Rats is on at 9.30pm. It will pose such questions as: Why has the lab got a pigeon loft? Can Alex prove his dad has really found Captain Scott's diary? And why is Brian flirting with a weather machine? More importantly, how did Chris Addison manage to involve himself in this tripe?