Assuming you're not already watching proceedings on UTV (9.00pm, Sunday), series two of Downton Abbey opens in November 1916 and the family and servants are busy working to get the house ready for a fund-raising concert to equip the village hospital to take more casualties from the front. New housemaid, Ethel Parks' boasting does not make her popular with the others especially O’Brien who plays a cruel trick on Ethel in front of the family. Feeling left out of the war effort, Robert is delighted when he receives a letter suggesting he is to be given the Colonelcy of the local volunteers and is excited about the prospect of finally being able to fight for his country. However, after attending a regimental dinner his appointment is not all it first seemed. Isobel informs Robert and Cora that Matthew is back from the front on leave and plans to visit Downton in time for the concert. On hearing the news of his visit Edith wastes no time in telling Mary that Matthew is not coming alone. Amy Nuttal will take the role of Ethel Parks. It's more interesting to watch than read about.