Getting the builders in, like a wedding day or having a baby, can be one of the more stressful experiences of in life. Each year, more than 100,000 building jobs in the UK go horribly wrong and it's often the builders who end up with the blame. But the reality is (according to Channel 4), it's a two way street. When domestic building work goes wrong, step forward building expert and 'agony aunt for bricks and mortar': Jeff Howell. Putting on his hard hat, Jeff brings all his experience to each site to mediate between the warring builders and home renovators. In tonight's opening episode we'll meet Vicky and Richard Greenhalgh, who are having a £43,000 extension to their flat. They met their builder at the funeral of a mutual friend (as you do) and, although initially the couple got on well with him and were pleased with his work, the relationship soon turned sour. A job that should have been completed in 12 weeks has dragged on for five months... and it's not all the builder's fault.