Can you believe this was made in 2001? One of those rare films that defies categorisation, Donnie Darko is the debut of writer-director Richard Kelly and ranks amongst the most unpredictable and refreshing films you're likely to see this year. Set in 1988, Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a bookish student who has "emotional problems" and attends weekly meetings with his therapist. Perhaps due to his reluctance to take his anti-depressants, Donnie is prone to odd behaviour, and has a tendency to sleep walk. However, nothing can prepare him for the appearance of a grotesque six-foot bunny, who tells him that the world will end within a month. After waking up on a local golf course, Donnie returns home to his Wasp-ish family to discover that a jet's engine has fallen from the sky, landing on the roof of his home. From here, the rabbit makes regular reappearances and asks Donnie to do some very strange things indeed. To go into too much detail would ruin this genuinely strange film, but Donnie Darko is an unsettling yet highly original piece of work. If this isn't your cup of scaldy, there's Bullitt at 10.50pm on Channel 4); Pearl Harbour at 10.45pm on BBC1; ooooorrrr I'll ALWAYS Know What You Did Last Summer (seriously) at 10.50pm on TV3.