Well, whaddaya know; last week's installment about Paul Burrell was marginally informative. Unfortunately, the tone of Peretti's voice makes it near impossible to ingest the details. The man needs to inject some animation into his mumblings. Tonight, he looks back to the 6th of September 1997, when two and a half billion people watched the funeral of Princess Diana. Six weeks later there was another funeral. This time there were no cameras and just a handful of mourners. This funeral was for Dodi Al-Fayed. He had sprung to public attention after a photograph showed him in an embrace with Diana. But beyond the headlines, little was known about him. Yet, in death, two different pictures of Dodi emerged: a talented man who'd won an Oscar for his first film, who was loved by family and friends; then came dark and salacious rumours of drugs and womanising. How did Dodi end up with Diana? And what role did his father play in his life? Jon Snow's Unseen Gaza follows at 11.05pm.