Apart from grapes? Oh, fish and the odd bit of dairy, apparently. The health benefits of the occasional glass of red wine are widely acknowledged, but journalist Jane Moore reveals that a great deal of what we now consume is enhanced, sweetened, flavoured or added to - creating a drink that one critic describes as no better than "an alcoholic cola". Dispatches reveals some of the 40 different substances, including fish and dairy products, that can be used in producing wine but that rarely appear on the label of the average bottle, in stark contrast with the regulations on food labelling. Moore investigates the recent scandals in Italy, France and South Africa that have tarnished the image of the industry and reveals how difficult it is to be sure what is good value for money. She also conducts her own taste test of a leading brand of champagne versus a sparkling wine costing a third as much, with surprising results. Lastly, Moore visits the vineyards of Champagne, and discovers that for decades rubbish from Paris was dumped on the soil as a fertiliser. The organic matter may have decayed, but razor blades, syringes, batteries and fragments of plastic bin bags can still be seen littering the landscape in some areas. Slainte!