In the wake of two recent, high-profile cases in which young women were brutally attacked and raped by groups of young men, Dispatches investigates gang rape over in the UK. Journalist Sorious Samura investigates why such violent forms of assault - which he has always associated with war crimes - are now happening. Official statistics are not held on gang rapes, so using data collected from various sources, including the crown courts, barristers and rape referral centres, Dispatches attempts to discover the extent of the problem and to understand what lies behind these attacks . Four young victims describe their traumatic experiences and the events leading up to them and the film features an interview with the parents of a victim of gang rape whose attackers have so far escaped conviction. Samura also meets groups of teenagers to find out more about their attitudes to sex and relationships, and is appalled to hear what the boys consider to be acceptable sexual activity and the fears expressed by the girls.