This edition of Dispatches, which aims to raise awareness of the issues facing children in care, reveals the scandals of the British system that condemns thousands of vulnerable children to lives of insecurity and isolation. Reporter Rageh Omaar examines each stage of state provision for the 25,000 children who enter the care system every year, from adoption and fostering to residential care homes. Thousands of babies are taken into care every year but only a tiny proportion are adopted quickly, despite the demand from childless couples. Rageh investigates why the vast majority are forced to wait for two years or more before entering a stable adoptive family and the extent to which this can cause them psychological harm. Those who are not adopted face a future of yo-yoing from placement to placement in foster care, year after year, without ever achieving a permanent home: one 19-year-old reveals that she was moved 45 times after entering care at the age of four. This is followed by Find Me a Family at 9.00pm. Adoption campaigner and journalist David Akinsanya follows three households of would-be adopters as they are encouraged to consider providing a home for children who no-one else has come forward to care for.