With primary schools over in the UK being stretched by the violent and disruptive behaviour of a small minority, Dispatches reveals the results of an extensive, in-depth survey of teachers to identify the impact on their ability to teach, and documents the efforts of five schools that are tackling the problem head on. The survey, the largest if its kind ever undertaken and supported by the teaching union NASUWT, reveals the extent of deteriorating standards of behaviour in classrooms across the UK. With millions of teaching hours being lost, it's the majority of well-behaved kids that are paying the price. But while the crises in classrooms appear to be escalating for many schools, Dispatches follows the efforts of five primaries that are trying innovative methods to regain a calm teaching environment. You might want to fiddle with your box to record Panorama over on BBC1 at the same time. In a similar vein; Jeremy Vine talks to teachers, parents and experts about sexual bullying in schools, considering what can be done to tackle the problem and the role played by social networking websites.